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East Tennessee Ford's Blog

Spring Break Road Trip Maintenance

Get your car ready for that Spring Break Road Trip!

Are you thinking of traveling for spring break? Maybe those travels include a road trip with friends, or driving away from the cold to some place warmer. Wherever your destination, if you plan to take your car, you are going to want to make sure it is in peak performance before leaving home.


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Combat the Boring Car Ride with these Road Trip Activities

What do you do when the Game Boy batteries die, you forgot all the DVD’s, or you didn’t think about how awesome it would have been to hook up your old N64 in your car before you left on your road trip? Maybe you just want to cut down on family screen time, or you’re the driver and constantly feel left out of the fun.


Try out some of these Road Trip approved "No-Screen" activities!

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Routine Springtime Services That Boost Performance

Schedule Your Ford Service Appointment near Cookeville TN

Some of the smallest things can make the biggest difference in life--especially when talking about your Ford's maintenance.

Here’s some simple suggestions from your friendly East Tennessee Ford service department for wringing every drop of gas out of your vehicle and every mile out of the engine.

Ford Service Center near Cookeville TN

Replace Worn Spark Plugs

Spark plugs ignite the mixture of fuel and air in the engine’s cylinders…

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New Year's Exercise Tips

New Year’s Exercise Tips: 

There is more out there than the Elliptical…


Already bored with your 2017 fitness goals?

Variety is the spice of life - try something new to find something you LOVE! You may have always grown up hating exercise, or you are simply bored with what you have been doing. There are so many different fitness options out there – YOU WILL FIND SOMETHING YOU LIKE! Have you tried kickboxing classes? What about…

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Ford F-Series is America’s Best Selling Truck for 40 Years

Test drive a Ford F-series truck today in Crossville, Tennessee

Here at East Tennessee Ford, we just received two more reasons to celebrate! We’re proud to announce that for the 40th consecutive year, the Ford F-Series reigns as the top-selling truck in the country and best-selling vehicle for 35 years.

New Ford F-series dealer near Cookeville TN

Since 1977, Ford has delivered over 26 million F-Series trucks. To add context, that many trucks could circle the...

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Give Your Car Battery Its Summer Check-Up

Don't Get Stranded - Schedule a Battery Inspection today in Crossville, Tennessee

Nothing causes more battery failure than summer heat, especially for vehicles weakened by age. You can extend it's lifetime through some basic maintenance steps.

"Summer heat is often more damaging to batteries than winter cold,” said Gale Kimbrough of Interstate Battery.

Battery Inspection, 
Replacement & Installation near Cookeville & Sparta TN


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Give Your Car A 'Brake' After Summer of Fun

Schedule a Brake Inspection today in Crossville, Tennessee

How are the dog days of summer treating your brakes? If you’ve noticed reduced performance or new noises, you’re not alone. Summer brutalizes all car parts--especially the system that stops your car.

Brake Inspection and 
Repair near Cookeville & Sparta TN

“Heat build-up can make a braking system less effective,” said Tony Molla, vice president of the Automotive Service…

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